What Helped Me My First Trimester
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What Helped Me My First Trimester

1st trimester must haves


First Trimester Must Haves


My first trimester was super hard I felt like. Today I’m sharing what helped my get through my first trimester.

Carbs & Ginger – During this trimester I was having a lot of nausea. Not morning sickness more like ALL DAY. One thing the doctors told me was to not worry so much about intaking protein since that could make the nausea worse but to eat more carbs. On top of the carbs like breads and such I also always had these ginger and mango candies in my mouth. I tried the preggy pop candies and they just made my stomach hurt more. Kind bars came in handy for me as well I made sure to have a few in my bag or next to the bed.


Electrolytes – When we did our fresh transfer I ended up getting OHSS and was having problems with my body processing fluids and was really dehydrated. Pedialyte and zero Gatorade really helped.


Prenatal – I started taking these ones from Pink Stork when we graduated from our IVF clinic. I liked that it was still 2 pills a day and that it had DHA in it.


Migraine Relief – I’ve had migraines for years now but since I became pregnant I can’t take the meds that helped me before. On top of the bit of caffeine and 2 Tylenol I also used peppermint oil on my temples.


Clothing – I was in comfy clothes a lot!! This blue set was a weekly go to for me since it was comfy but still looked put together. This sports bra is one of my favorites I really need to invest in more of them! Lastly a pair of comfy slippers was a must for my first trimester!


There you have it the top things that really helped me in my first trimester. Now the second trimester completely different!! I’ll be sharing that soon with you all don’t worry!


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