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Where & How I Shop

shopping, clothing, style, outfitAs a life and style blogger I have the opprotunity to work with really amazing companies! With that being said Another thing that comes with being a fashion blogger is clothing. As the years have gone by I have accumulated lots of goregous items and along the way figured out what works for my petite frame. For the purpose of today’s post I thought it would be fun to do a this post focusing some current brands that work well for my size and what I look for in clothing. 
Lets get started shall we! So many of you ask me where do you shop? And that is a tough question for me to answer because there are so many places I do shop. I went ahead and just rounded up a few of my favorite current pieces that are in my closet at the moment. Some of my favorite brands that I know fit me well are Maison Jules, Loft, Maggy London, Bar3, I.N.C, Missguided, Levis and Abercrombie. Those are just a few! 
When it comes to fit I normally have one top and bottom (skirt and pants) that I always go to for sizing measurement reference. Every store/brand has a sizing guide so I just make sure to stay as close as possible to the one I already know fit me. That goes for petite and regular sizes.
I think the main question a fashion blogger gets is what’s your style? I personally don’t like to say I have one specific style because I’m always up for trying new trends and really it just depends on the day! But I normally like to have dainty details and to that means lace, softer fabrics, colors and fit. Then again I like to make them a bit edgy as well with a faux leather jacket or add in a bold pop of color.
shopping, clothing, style, fashion blogger
fashion blogger, shopping, clothing, style
shopping, clothing, style blog, shop
shopping, clothing, styleI hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Next week I will be sharing a few looks from our trip to Palm Springs get ready for lots of color! Christopher and I are pretty busy this week and next week so any chance we get to relax I am oh so looking forward to! Have a nice weekend and don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter